Farther, always much farther, farther from the tomorrow that is now approaching.

We are aware that in administrations the projects are ambitious and need a lot of rigor and expertise. Our company is fully prepared to give you accurate answers tailored to your needs.

Advice and Consulting Programs

Our participation in different business advice and diagnosis programs such as Alpha Competitiveness, 360º of ACCI0, Terrassa City Council’s Consulting program and ICEC’s Culture Consulting program backs us up. We have also been part of the Valuation Committee.

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Advice, Studies and Plans

In each case, the most appropriate methodologies for addressing the purpose of the plan or study commissioned are considered. We rely on new technologies, study, generate and process any information. We apply the most optimal process and all our knowledge and experience to each project.
We also provide tailor-made advice to create new programs aimed at its users.
A sample of studies carried out and published so far:

Anàlisi dels àmbits emergents en cultura i comunicació: el sector dels videojocs a Catalunya (Generalitat de Catalunya) >>
Pla de creació i consolidació d’un centre comercial urbà >>
Avaluacions estratègiques CoNCA Teatre Nacional de Catalunya (2014-2016) >>
Avaluacions estratègiques CoNCA mNACTEC (2015-2017) >>


Training Programs

We offer training sessions tailored to the demands of your users and customers. We develop courses directly related to management, our experience in training is very broad and always responds to the problems you raise.

The academic level of Get a Partner professionals allows us to provide training at the best universities and business schools, creating positive synergies with academia. The links with Universities, national and international business schools and the training given at IESE Business School, University of Toulouse, UOC, UAB, UPC, Catalan City Councils and Chambers to name a few, support our experience.

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“The work that Get a Partner has always been characterized by the maximum involvement to achieve the best result, in accordance with the needs raised, and by its high professional competence. The potential difficulty of the assignment has never been an obstacle. High demand and professionalism are two of the main values on which the Administration should be based when outsourcing services, and Get a Partner, in this sense, is a very good example of them.”

Sr. Manel Verdú i Martí / Collaborator of the Technical Office of the Department of Culture of the Generalitat de Catalunya
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Our goal is you can improve your company’s decision-making and achieve the desired results, and we have been involved in this from the beginning.

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