And when you think you have arrived, know how to find new paths.

We are aware that a company must always find new goals, new customers, new markets and that is why it needs to find new paths, and that it is not always easy to know which steps are the best. And it is in this reinvention that we believe we can bring you our own value and professionalism.

Legal Management

We do all the labour, accounting and tax management of the business so that you can dedicate yourself to the growth of your company. A 4.0 management integrated with your business. We take the best practices of Start ups to apply them to your business.

From your birth and at all stages of your growth, proactively, making proposals for advice, back office and tailor-made plans.

Accounting | Tax | Labour

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Integral Advice

In the best way to make your business work, helping to achieve the objectives set: both in strategic and management issues, side by side with the company owner or general manager. We complement this advice with management and back office services.

– Initial advice: set up the company with the best legal structure, legally framing the partners in the social security system, administrative processes and obligations of the company.

– Continued advice during business growth: in the management committee or board of directors for the improvement of organizational issues and in specific aspects such as legal labour advice, contracts, remuneration scheme or financing model.

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Strategic and Action Plans

It is not a conventional plan, it is a flexible work plan, side by side with our team, which incorporates advice, management and back office services. These are tailored projects specific to your company and objectives:

– Preparation of a business and action plans.
– Preparation of all types of plans, from sustainability plans, to sales and marketing plans, treasury management scheme plans and new business lines plans.
– Creation of the organizational model, teleworking advice, from legal to set up teleworking processes.

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We complement the management services, advice and tailor-made plans with necessary Back Office services, both from Get a Partner or we also offer hybrid models where we combine this back office with the training of your staff at their workplace:

– Establish administrative circuits and hybrid management models (Startup-Get a Partner).
– On-the-job training in day-to-day accounting, tax and employment issues.
– Preparation of documents for presentations, templates and any other uses.
– Compliance with all legal regulations and requirements.

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“They are fantastic professionals in the sector, who provide a service with great quality standards. High level of personalized advice. They keep us informed about everything, both tax and legal employment requirements, and help us improve the way our business works. There are also great people behind Get a Partner ”

Marcial Peralejo / CEO Mobles 2000

“Having a good team is the main asset for a company to achieve its goals. For Com de Casa, the team is not only the people who work there but also their collaborators.
Get a Partner is also part of our team, a consultancy that knows us, knows what we need, guides us in times when decisions are difficult to make, we also share the good times…
I, as the manager of Com de Casa, have only words of gratitude and I am glad that Get a Partner encouraged us to work together, as a team.
Thanks Get a Partner! ”

Sílvia Puig / CEO Com de Casa
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Our goal is you can improve your company’s decision-making and achieve the desired results, and we have been involved in this from the beginning.

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