Farther, always go farther, farther from today that now chains you.

An association or an entity never has a last goal as it is constantly evolving and you have to constantly look for new opportunities, new projects, new ways to help. In this process we want to be by your side and help you in each of these stages.

Legal Management

We do all the labour, accounting and tax management for the organization so that you can dedicate yourself to the activities and aims of the association. We help you fulfilling all obligations to be sure everything is under control.
Proactively, making proposals for advice, back office and tailor-made plans.

Proactivament, fent propostes d’assessorament, de backoffice i de plans a mida.

Accounting | Tax | Labour

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Strategic and Action Plans

We advise and support you on how to make the association achieve its goals, organizing, helping to raise funds, always working with the board.
We complement this advice with management and back office services.

– Initial advice: creation of the entity, obligations of the association, framing the social security scheme for the members of the board and the volunteers.

– Continuous advice on the activities of the association: plan to present to organizations and investors, organizational model, for attracting members and funds, treasury planning, and so on.

We also cooperate with entities and administrations to grow the social and solidarity economy, such as the Ateneu Cooperatiu.

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We complement the management and advice services with BackOffice services needed for the day-to-day running of the association, which does not have the time or special resources to do it with own personnel.

– Training for the manager or the board, in their workplace about day-to-day accounting, tax and employment matters.
– Preparation of invoices or documents for presentations, templates, and so on.
– Compliance with all legal regulations.

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Our goal is you can improve your company’s decision-making and achieve the desired results, and we have been involved in this from the beginning.

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